Affordable Website Design in Johannesburg

We understand that our clients need stunning and innovative digital solutions without paying too much. That is why we have developed website solutions that are affordable and can be tailored to every client’s needs.

Our main objective is to offer cost-effective solutions without ever compromising our quality.


We use a Content Management System (CMS) approach to develop flexible, powerful and responsive websites that meet all the standards-compliance to search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, we make fast, gorgeous and valuable websites.

All our websites are user-friendly, mobile responsive and possess complex functionalities that will be able to address your growing business needs. With our experienced designers, you can expect nothing less than a tailored website that reflects all aspects of your business.



When designing a website, our developers do not just worry about the beauty of the layout. The speed, the maintenance as well as the marketability of the website are factors that are kept in mind so as to make a website profitable both in the short and long run.

There is literally nothing that you can think of that our designers will not be able to reproduce. With our websites, you will truly enjoy the difference.

What we can do for you

Our websites are effective for different business models and organizations. Whether you are a startup or a well-established firm, you are sure to be satisfied with our services.

Corporate Website Design

We proudly offer bespoken corporate website designs that are unique with the highest quality of graphic design coupled with sophisticated features.

Landing Pages

Are you planning on launching a new variety of products or services? Maybe you a new exclusive offer? Let us build you a tailored landing page to make your launch a success.

Ecommerce Websites

Our ecommerce solutions are based on an in-depth analysis of your competition, your audience and your industry. Making it perfectly optimized and rich for your business success.
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What Is a Website ?

In today’s digital world your website is the most valuable marketing tool that your business owns. It can be seen as your digital business location where you can conduct all your transactions.

A good website will allow you to reach and understand your target market which will ultimately trigger business growth. A website is a valuable asset to your firm.

website design by new age marketing (NAM)
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We Make responsive Websites.

Increasingly more people are using their mobile devices to make online transactions

There has been an increase in online transactions in the past decade due to an increase in the use of mobile devices used for shopping and other transactions. Having a responsive custom cms website helps your business reach a wider audience. Whether your visitors use Pc or Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Phone, they will always have a perfect view of your business.

Other Reasons why it is important to have a very well design website for your company

 It Helps your Search Engine Optimization strategy

Since 2014 responsive websites are prioritized by Search engines over non-responsive websites. Having a well optimized responsive custom cms website may help in improving your search results. Note that a decrease in search results has a negative effect on your traffic which decreases prospective leads

Helps in your Social Media Strategy

Most of your prospective clients use social media to find clues on businesses. A responsive custom cms website makes it easy for transitioning from Social media to your website.

Enhanced features

With a responsive custom cms website, you can have sophisticated features such as enabling you to chat live with prospective customers

Reduce your maintenance costs

Using our custom cms website design approach you can now manage and edit your website thus reducing the cost of maintenance

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Website ?

website design by new age marketing (NAM) then promote your business

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

We take the time to understand your unique needs before designing a completely customized website that is as unique as your business.

Our holistic method enable us to develop a great web presence from the ground up, helping you drive more customers to your site and convert them once they get there.

Project Research & Planning

Here the scope, requirements, and description of the final website will be determined and documented, including the goals, number of pages, site hierarchy, merchandizing needs, web tools used (i.e. Flash or carts), forms, animations/graphics, and other specialized content

Web Design & Web Development

Once the planning phase is completed, you will have to make a deposit equals to 50% of the total amount in order for us to start with the web development. Using WordPress we develop a responsive and secure website. This phase is where the first draft of the website is developed.

Testing and Website Launch

All our websites are thoroughly tested on all devices and platforms in order to make sure that the layouts are optimized and functioning properly on smartphones, tablets and desktops—Android and iOS, Windows and MacOS, all the leading browsers, and more

Let’s Start Making your Beautiful Website !

If you are decided to build your Online presence or Launch a New Website, Leave us a message below . Our experts are always present to assist you.

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