Affordable Divi WordPress Website Design in South Africa

Are you searching for affordable Divi WordPress website design in South Africa? Look no further! Our team collaborates with you to create a website that truly reflects your brand’s identity and engages and converts your audience. We meticulously research and employ strategic design to craft a site with both aesthetics and functionality.

We make sure that your website experience is smooth, responsive, and SEO-optimized by harnessing the latest technologies and ensuring compatibility with all devices. We don’t just stop at launch – our team offers ongoing support and updates to keep your site at the forefront of digital innovation.

You can trust us to transform your vision into a dynamic online platform! Whether you need a sleek brochure site or a comprehensive e-commerce solution, we’ve got you covered.

Affordable Website Design Packages in Johannesburg

CUSTOM Divi WordPress Website design in south africa

We use a Content Management System (CMS) approach to develop flexible, powerful and responsive websites that meet all the standards-compliance to search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, we make fast, gorgeous and valuable websites.

All our websites are user-friendly, mobile responsive and possess complex functionalities that will be able to address your growing business needs. With our experienced designers, you can expect nothing less than a tailored website that reflects all aspects of your business.

When designing a website, our developers do not just worry about the beauty of the layout. The speed, maintenance as well as marketability of the website are factors that are kept in mind so as to make a website profitable both in the short and long run.

There is literally nothing that you can think of that our designers will not be able to reproduce. With our websites, you will truly enjoy the difference.

website design in south africa

Our Trademarked Process & Workflow.

We take the time to understand your unique needs before designing a completely customized website that is as unique as your business.

Project Research & Planning

Here the scope, requirements, and description of the final website will be determined and documented, including the goals, number of pages, site hierarchy, merchandizing needs, web tools used (i.e. Flash or carts), forms, animations/graphics, and other specialized content

Web Design & Web Development

Once the planning phase is completed, you will have to make a deposit equals to 50% of the total amount in order for us to start with the web development. Using WordPress we develop a responsive and secure website. This phase is where the first draft of the website is developed.

Testing and Website Launch

All our websites are thoroughly tested on all devices and platforms in order to make sure that the layouts are optimized and functioning properly on smartphones, tablets and desktops—Android and iOS, Windows and MacOS, all the leading browsers, and more

We Design a range of WordPress Website

Our team has diverse expertise in web design, catering to the needs of various businesses – from budding startups to established industry leaders. We create tailored websites that align with your brand’s unique identity, ensuring they are visually appealing and optimized for maximum engagement. Whether you are beginning a new venture or expanding an existing one, we are committed to providing a superior online platform that captures your audience’s attention and drives conversions. You can rely on us to deliver exceptional service and a website that will become an integral part of your business’s growth

Corporate website design - web design services - New Age Marketing

Corporate Website Design

We proudly offer bespoken corporate website designs that are unique with the highest quality of graphic design coupled with sophisticated features.

Landing Page design - web design services - New Age Marketing

Landing Pages

Are you planning on launching a new variety of products or services? Maybe you a new exclusive offer? Let us build you a tailored landing page to make your launch a success.

Ecommerce website design - web design services - New Age Marketing

Ecommerce Websites

Our e-commerce website designs are based on an in-depth analysis of your competition, your audience and your industry. Making it perfectly optimised and rich for your business success.

what are website design services?

Website design services refer to the process of building a website for a person or a company. This process often includes creating the website’s content and features, designing the website’s structure and aesthetic, and ensuring the website is practical and straightforward. To keep a website current and functional, website design services may also involve regular maintenance and upgrades.

The aim of website design services is to produce a website that satisfies the client’s requirements and objectives, whether to educate visitors about a company, conduct online sales of goods and services, or act as a platform for interaction and contact with visitors. For example, a company may build its online presence, attract a larger audience, and boost brand recognition and credibility with a well-designed website.

What is a Website

Your website is like your digital storefront that’s open 24/7 to a worldwide audience. It’s a platform where you can showcase your products, services, valuable information, and more. In today’s digital age, your website is the hub of your business interactions, where you have the opportunity to create a lasting impression and build strong customer relationships. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about crafting an experience that turns visitors into loyal customers. We can help you create that vital piece of your digital identity and drive your business towards tangible success.

website design by new age marketing (NAM)
website design by new age marketing (NAM) seen from a mobile

Why does your business need a website?

A well-designed website plays a crucial role in the digital marketplace as it serves as the heart of your business. It is where customers engage with your brand, browse and purchase products or services, and reach out for support. A website that is optimized for search engines enhances your visibility, drawing in more potential customers. It also establishes trust and credibility, setting you apart from competitors. A professional website streamlines information access, saving time and resources. It is a vital asset for growth and presence in the contemporary business landscape, unlocking endless opportunities for your brand while also marketing your offerings and showcasing customer success stories.

Get your Search Engine Optimised website

Boost your SEO efforts with our custom CMS website design that is fully responsive and has been favored by search engines since 2014. Our design can help you enhance your search rankings and attract more traffic to your website, ultimately generating more leads. We can seamlessly connect your social media strategies to your website, making it easy for users to navigate from social platforms to your digital doorstep. Our responsive design supports advanced features like live chat, allowing you to engage potential customers directly. With our user-friendly CMS, you can effortlessly update your website, which will save you long-term maintenance costs. Get ready to optimize, engage, and save with our comprehensive web solutions.