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In the era of cutthroat digital marketing, only the best prepared survive. An amazing 93% of all digital experiences start with search engines. SEO is an essential tool that every business needs. It is what helps pays your bills and grows your customer base.


Affordable SEO Services by New A marketing

What is SEO? 

Search engine optimization (SEO) constitutes developing exceptional SEO practices that address a website’s usability and enhances the user’s overall experience. Users invariably trust the top-ranked websites that result from their keyword searches. To accelerate your search engine rankings, you will first need to improve your website so that it appears higher up in the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. And great content will afford you great ranking. In addition, SEO is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the quality of your website by delivering a more simple, easy, and quick user navigation experience.

Why Choose NAM? 

New Age Marketing has built a dynamic reputation as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Johannesburg, South Africa. We focus on delivering enhanced SEO services that will bring traffic through your door. More importantly, we focus on bringing in the right kind of demographics. And we do it all at an affordable price, which is why we are one of the best. Our affordable search engine optimization services (SEO) help you grow the number of targeted visitors in your site hence growing your customer base, something that’s most important for thriving in today’s competitive digital space.


Our dynamic team of highly skilled experts will help you successfully navigate through several SEO avenues, so you only have to focus the results, while we focus on getting you to the top of the search engine results page.

lead generation by New A Marketing

Lead Generation

One of the most effective methods for delivering enhanced lead generation is SEO. Our expertise lies in deploying result-focused SEO strategies through increased customer engagement, expanding brand awareness and promoting fabulous content.

SEO audits and reporting by New A Marketing

SEO audits and reporting

Through consistent quality reporting, we help you drive all aspects of your SEO campaign. In addition, with sustained research, we identify areas of strength and opportunity so that it leads to better optimization.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

To facilitate a higher ranking on search engines, we streamline all your website’s pages individually by delivering end-to-end optimization services. This will drive more traffic through to your site and ultimately lead to increased conversion rates and ROI.

Off-page SEO By New a Marketing

Off-page SEO

In order to further advance your business’s rankings, we take steps outside of your actual website, which includes establishing a good quantity of high-quality backlinks, also referred to as incoming links. Similar to Public Relations, it also encompasses creating and building good relationships with other webmasters within social media as well as additional off-site platforms


SEO Content Writing

Websites don’t require good content. They need great quality content to thrive. Our expertise lies in capturing the search engine’s attention by incorporating special words or phrases, also called keywords, in as dynamic a way as possible to deliver keyword-optimized content.

Technical SEO By New A Marketing

Technical SEO

By focusing on the improvements that can be made in your website’s source code and structure, we assist search engines better translate the code within your website, better comprehend the structure and therefore find you more efficiently.

How We Are Different

New A Marketing consistently implements and stands by best-practice standards in search engine optimization to become a leader in the domain. We seek to set ourselves apart from our competitors by creating an ecosystem for our clients to come and leverage the best of our skills.
Creative Search engine Optimization strategy


We understand that each digital marketing campaign is valuable for our clients. So we strive to get as creative as possible while crafting and implementing our SEO strategies.

Cost effective SEO Services


Our affordable search engine optimization services are capable of delivering results to our clients without breaking their bank.

Experienced SEO specialists

Our team of search engine optimization experts have years of experience in handling SEO, thus ensuring that you get the best talent working on your campaigns.

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So if you would like to know what is SEO and how to use it the best way, get in touch with us. Our experts are always there to help you.

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