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What is GOOGLE  AdWords?

Adwords is Google’s advertising system in which businesses bid on certain keywords so that their ads can appear on the Google search engine. Advertisers pay per ad click not per impression; hence the name ‘’pay-per-click’’. At New Age Marketing, we are totally focused on Google as it accounts for 70% to 80% of all online searches. PPC campaigns can, however, be run on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Is GOOGLE  AdWords good for you?

Without Doubt…YES! Any serious business should be advertising On Google or investing in SEO. You may not be using it but your competition certainly is.

In the year 2000, Google was handling 32,8 million searches per day. Since 2016, Google reportedly handles trillions of searches every single year. Google AdWords has a tremendous impact on businesses.

Can you do GOOGLE  AdWords alone? 

The answer is straightforward…YES. But can you do it alone and effectively? No, you cannot unless you have experience in the field and are tech savvy. Would we have a smooth conversation if I mentioned CPC? CPA? CPL? Broad as opposed to the exact match? keyword planner? conversion tracking? CTR? Yes, the list can be long and ambiguous. If you’re using pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) to promote your brand online, then you want to make sure that you’re not wasting money on clicks that won’t land any sales. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes a difficult and time-consuming task. Ideally, you should outsource that responsibility to a PPC management company. That way, you have fewer chances of a losing all your investment and more time to deal with the day-to-day operations of your business.

We make it easy for you to start advertising on Google Adwords.

Here is what we can do for you on GOOGLE  AdWords 


Search Ads

Here, your ad text appears at the top or bottom of the page results (depending on factors such as your bid and quality score) following a search query. This can be extremely effective as it exposes your business to potential clients at the exact time that they are looking for your product or service. You get charged only when a click to your add or phone number occurs.

Video Ads

As the name suggests, your ad will be in a video format to be displayed on Youtube. You get to choose your target so that every view is of value to your business

Display Ads

With this sort of advertisements, you are targeting over 2 million websites and 650000 applications whereby your ads will be displayed; either as a text ad or image ad. This is the way to go if you desire to be shown on websites such as YouTube, Gmail among many.

Universal App Ads

This is the type of Ad you need to be running should you need more downloads for your application. Whether it is an android or iOS app, you will be able to reach just the right audience at the moment when they are most likely to convert (download).

What makes us different?

We understand the value of every penny and consequently spend twice more hours monitoring your campaigns than the average PPC Company. A thorough analysis of your company, industry and client profile is done before setting up your account. This allows us to write the most relevant ads and target keywords that are most likely to trigger valuable clicks.

We are a complete digital agency: our graphic and web designers work closely with our PPC managers to assure both the website and campaign are optimized for conversions.

We will not bind you to any contract. We show our worth every month. You decide when to start and when to stop. More than your account managers, we are your business partners.

How much will it cost you?

Once off set up fee: R2000

Monthly Management Fee payable to us: R3000

Monthly budget payable to Google AdWords: We recommend a minimum budget of R6000 per month although some of our clients have achieved a good ROI with an investment as low as R2500.

Contact us today to PLAN your business GROWTH

We are among the best online advertisers in South Africa. Our strategies are very effective and results-driven !

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New Age Marketing is a leading advertising agency  specialized in online marketing. We help individuals and businesses effectively reach and grow their audience.

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