Looking for cost-effective management of your Google Ads? We offer affordable solutions to help optimize your online advertising campaigns and boost your business growth.

Boost the visibility of your business with our expert Google Ads services . We specialize in creating high-impact pay-per-click campaigns that increase your reach, ensuring that every click counts towards your bottom line. Our focus is on turning traffic into transactions by crafting a strategy that aligns with your growth and efficiency goals. Invest in our PPC expertise and witness your brand’s remarkable growth and significant return on investment.

Google AdWords report

What is GOOGLE  AdWords?

Google provides advertisement space on its search engine results page. AdWords is Google’s lucrative advertising platform where businesses compete and bid on particular keywords and phrases for their ads to feature on the results page when users look for specific products and services. Advertisers ‘pay per click,’ which is why it is also referred to as PPC marketing.

At New Age Marketing, we focus on Google because it constitutes a staggering 70% to 80% of all searches performed online. AdWords enhance your brand’s visibility and deliver the quickest results.

Is GOOGLE  AdWords good for you?

Yes, Google AdWords is good for your business! An amazing 2.3 million searches are executed on Google every single second. A vast majority of the search results pages have Google advertisements on them. Running ads on the world’s largest search engine is an exceptional way of capturing your target audience that searches for products and services related to your business, and driving that traffic through to your website.

Why is GOOGLE  AdWords good for your business?

  • Builds brand awareness
  • Quicker results compared with SEO
  • Outrank your Competitor Ads
  • Build effective campaign strategies
  • Time ads at the optimum time

Let Us manage your google Ads Campaign

Why you need professional expertise ?

At New Age Marketing, our highly skilled and experienced team are well-versed with PPC marketing and all the cost-saving mechanisms businesses can adopt so that they don’t waste money on clicks that don’t convert. Managing your AdWords campaign will be a time-consuming and difficult task if you undertake it without professional assistance. By trusting the campaigning in the hands of our experts, you will not only have more time to dedicate to more vital activities in your business, but you will also get to protect your investment and watch it grow.

Here is what we can do for you on GOOGLE  AdWords 


Search Ads

Ads appear at the top or bottom of the page results based on several factors such as your bid and quality score. The visibility of your brand increases exponentially, which converts to a more consistent revenue stream for you.

Display Ads

Here, your ad is showcased across a host of websites and applications in a text or image format. Gmail and YouTube are highly effective platforms that will definitely broaden your brand’s prospects.

Video Ads

YouTube is an exceptional platform from which traffic is delivered to a site. Video ads provide higher customer engagement levels compared to any other medium of advertisement. In addition, you have the advantage of targeting a specific consumer, which will ensure every view is a value add.

Universal App Ads

In order to accelerate downloads of your iOS or Android application, these ads will help you do just that in addition to reaching your target demographic at an opportune time.

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