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SolarSquare, a division of Yangoyo (PTY) Ltd, is a solar solution provider in South Africa. They offer sustainable solar energy solutions in South Africa. They are committed to providing high-quality and eco-friendly energy options. To better reflect their vision, SolarSquare wanted to revamp their online presence. They tasked New Age Marketing, known for their innovative digital strategies, with creating a new website. The new website aims to align with SolarSquare’s vision and improve user engagement and accessibility. This is a significant step towards a brighter and greener future.

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Our Design Approach

New Age Marketing took a user-centric and innovation-driven approach to design SolarSquare’s website. The interface was carefully crafted to be seamless and intuitive, with visually striking elements that match SolarSquare’s modern and eco-conscious brand identity. The design emphasises responsiveness and easy navigation, ensuring a compelling and accessible online experience. This sets a new standard for how solar energy companies can engage with their audience online.

Key Features

The revamped SolarSquare website integrates a comprehensive e-commerce platform, enhancing user interaction with an intuitive online shopping experience. This new feature allows customers to conveniently browse, select, and purchase a wide range of solar products, ensuring a seamless transition from information gathering to making an informed purchase, all within the same digital space.


Integrating e-commerce functionality on SolarSquare’s website markedly elevated the user experience, increasing online sales and customer engagement. The seamless, integrated shopping platform simplified the buying process and positioned SolarSquare as a leading digital innovator in the solar energy market.


The collaboration between SolarSquare and New Age Marketing, culminating in a sophisticated e-commerce platform, significantly bolstered SolarSquare’s market stance. This innovative leap streamlined the customer purchase journey and showcased SolarSquare’s commitment to providing accessible, sustainable solar solutions through a dynamic digital platform.

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