Graphic Design Trends in 2019

Whether you’re into graphic design services or a company looking to enhance your site, knowing about the latest trends is essential. In the world of website design, it always changes every year.

Every major company, such as Google and Apple always experiment with the trends, to see which one works well with their target audience. If you want to stay on top of your game, it is crucial to know about the following graphic design trends in 2019:

3D design goes mainstream

For a long time, graphic designers used flat designs that looked great on sites. However, they are embracing 3D as part of the creation process, which has the power to make content stand out.

If you take a look at the website design of popular pages, you will see that they are following this trend, especially in the typography. It also makes the illustrations of your page look stunning, ensuring it captures the attention of the visitors instantly. At the same time, the 3D design enhances the immersive experience for the users.

Embrace open compositions

Although frames were the go-to option for graphic designers, they are beginning to use open compositions. For the longest time, every website design had boxes and frames, so that every aspect looked complete.

However, graphic designers are opting for open compositions that make pages feel infinite. At the same time, the visitors always feel like they are looking an incredible portion of a mesmerizing picture.

Users feel curious and start to wonder if there is more on the site. On top of that, graphic designers can use open compositions to make websites interactive.

Greater use of typefaces and bold fonts

If you take a look at the marketing content of Samsung, Addidas, and Nike, you will observe a common theme. They use typefaces and bold fonts, which are easier to read when users open websites through their smartphones.

Graphic designers will bring this ideology to website design and need to come up with new ways to gain the attention of the users. Typefaces and bold fonts help the content stand out despite the crowded nature of the internet. Graphic design services should couple this trend with other elements to ensure the users can’t take their eyes off the text.

Increase in usage of asymmetrical layouts

Rigid designs are no longer the norm in website design and don’t have the same impact as they did in the past. As there are several vendors who provide third-party templates, it becomes all the more important to be unique in the digital world.

Enter asymmetrical layouts that make the website design look alive. It entices the visitors to take a look at the site and taps on their curiosity. As they go through the site, they will continue to scroll since the website design generates interest and wonder.

The shift towards vivid colours

It is a well-known fact that graphic designers create web design packages, depending on what captures the attention of the target audience. For 2019, expect a shift towards vivid colors that make the content look futuristic.

On top of that, they always have the attention of the visitors on your website, and it is next to impossible to ignore those hues. It also gives graphic designers tons of room to experiment. Combined with 3D designs, the duo will make the website look incredible and eye-catchy.


2019 will be revolutionary for website design

2019 is going to be an excellent year for graphic design services, as the creators will be exploring new ideas and concepts. It is essential for graphic designers and web design packages to embrace the change to stay relevant among their target audience. Being unconventional is the norm for this year, and every website design wants to look creative and unique.

Several companies all over the world have already implemented these graphic design trends to gain an edge over their competitors. While incorporating these shifts into your current website design, make sure you experiment with it to see what works well with your target audience.

These trends will undoubtedly provide the necessary space to inspire graphic designers as they explore and come up with genuinely mindblowing designs for the digital world.