3 Tips On Designing WordPress Website

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How to design a WordPress website?

WordPress is the most popular content management systems in the world, as it powers over 30% of the websites on the Internet. Whether it is a blogger or a photographer, WordPress website design comes with thousands of themes that meet the requirements of their users even for those who need an ecommerce website design

Despite having access to a variety of themes, a lot of people make poor choices when it comes to WordPress website design, which has a significant negative impact. Here are three crucial tips that will help you make the most of your WordPress website design:

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Avoid Using More Than Three Colors

 When it comes to picking colors for your website, it has a huge role to play as the right hues can do wonders, while the wrong ones won’t go well with your visitors. As colors make it easier for visitors to identify your brand, you should be cautious when picking hues.

Make sure that you don’t use more than three colors – primary, accent, and background. The primary color is the most dominant one in your WordPress website design, while accent highlights important aspects. Background color makes it easier for your users to digest your content. Always make sure your background contrasts the text, for improving readability.

Make use of white-space

 When it comes to WordPress website design, having too much content without organizing them, has a negative impact on user experience. It makes your website look cluttered, which is a huge turn-off for any user.

Whitespace allows you to draw attention to the most important aspects of your website naturally. Also, it makes your design look professional and sleek while adding to the reading comprehension significantly.

Pay attention to typography

It is extremely important that you pay attention to typography when it comes to WordPress website design. After all, fonts communicate varying messages to your users, which has a huge role to play in establishing brand identity. Also, the right fonts will make it easier for your users to go through your content with the least amount of time.

Make sure that you don’t pick any complicated fonts that are difficult to read, as they decrease user experience. Just like colors, you should only use three fonts, as it makes your WordPress website design look professional and trustworthy.

Remember, by sticking towards the minimalism spectrum, your website’s user experience and usability will improve significantly. Use these three tips to make the most of your WordPress website design!

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